Postdoctoral Scholar

Environmental Science, Policy, & Management

School of Public Health

University of California Berkeley

Hello! I’m an environmental epidemiologist with an interest in environmental monitoring, environmental justice, and community/science partnerships. During my public health career, I’ve worked on numerous projects in the United States and abroad, ranging from measuring volatile organic compound emissions at gas stations in the US to developing epidemiologic surveys to measure smoking rates in the United Arab Emirates. My work has focused primarily on outdoor and indoor air pollution and chemical exposure, including exposure to air pollutants from traffic, gas stations, and petroleum sources, as well as indoor pollutants like secondhand exposure to hookah, cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes. Recently, I’ve begun studying the intersection of menstruation and environmental health, and am particularly interested in understanding how menstruation might be a route of exposure to environmental chemicals (for example exposure to pesticides through use of cotton tampons) and an excretion route (for example of PFAS in blood).

Jenni A. Shearston, PhD, MPH
Sustainability and Health Equity (S/HE) Lab
Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
School of Public Health
University of California Berkeley
Hilgard Hall, Room 108
Berkeley, CA 94720
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